About Stuff

Stuff is a technology company that helps users prioritize and streamline their personal lives. Stuff users have access to an unlimited “Chief of Stuff” service: A Boston-based team of experts that makes sure they lead balanced lives, collect meaningful moments, don’t waste time on mundane tasks and maintain relationships that are important to them. Over the past two years, Stuff has developed hybrid model technology that couples AI and humanization to deliver a consistent best in class experience. This makes our Chief of Stuff service seamless, affordable and declining in cost so that one day everyone can simply focus on what matters to them, and Stuff the rest. Stuff is backed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals Founder Josh Boger, Kronos CEO Aron Ain, among other VCs and investors.

Our Story

In 2017, our co-founders – Ohad Elhelo and Ori Cohen – two busy millennials with a shortage of time, sat together in Boston to tackle a big, hairy question: why personal tasks are playing such a big role in our lives. They realized they were spending more than an hour each day on mundane personal tasks, such as waiting on hold with Comcast to find out why there was an additional charge to their account, researching the best dermatologist covered by their insurance that could see them on Friday at 10:00, or finding (and booking) the right flights, Airbnb and activities for their upcoming trip to Latin America, based on their own personal preferences and parameters.

Months of market research have pointed us in one direction. No company on the planet offers a reliable service that promises to take care of your personal tasks the way they should be taken care of: with impeccable quality, in a timely manner, at an affordable cost, and without hidden agendas.

Shortly after, Stuff was established and introduced the world’s first “Chief of Stuff”, an unlimited, around-the-clock service to complete all of your personal tasks. We don’t book a dentist for you that we wouldn’t go to ourselves. We are in your corner, and we only serve you.

Today, we understand that the world does not need another Personal Assistant. Our Members do not simply look for someone to β€œget **** done” for them. They want more. A Chief of Stuff (typo intended). An advocate. Someone who is in their corner.