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Grab requests, first-come, first-served.

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$10/hour, flexible hours, work from home

Supplement your income by helping our customers with tasks like the ones below. Making an extra buck has never been easier.


Looking for the perfect weekend getaway for under $200 and up to 2 hours drive


Summer’s here! Looking for a house with a pool, 4 adults, 3 kids, up to $400/night

Out on the town
Out on the town

Any nice restaurants near me that offer dine-in and have availability tonight?


Please organize food delivery to my friend who is at the hospital. ~$100.


Dog sitter stood me up. Can you find someone for tomorrow afternoon with great reviews?

Home Maintenance
Home Maintenance

Please send me quotes for moving companies that pack and disassemble and are available Sunday afternoon?


Need to buy a new a new sound bar for my TV. What’s the best one I can get under $300? 


I want to plan a weekend getaway with some friends. Can you help set it up?


I got this medical bill. Can you please see if I need to pay it?

Admin & Appointments
Admin & Appointments

Please schedule a haircut with Jim. I’m available tomorrow at any time between 2 and 5.

Service providers
Service providers

Find an in-network dermatologist. Good reviews, close to my home, and available next Tuesday.


I switched to a Ketogenic diet. Are there any meal kit subscriptions I can get that fit this diet?

How it works:

Log on, claim a task.
Use the tools at your disposal to resolve the request.
Get paid $10/hr for every hour you work.

Let’s go!
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What Makes a Successful Supersolver?

We like to think about these three things:


Solvers are people who really care about making the customer happy, and getting the job done right.


The best solvers are never tired, and always ready to tackle the next task in line.

Fast learners

There is no experience required, so the best Solvers are ones that know how to build a toolkit from scratch. If you are willing to become the best at something, you will make a great Solver.

All-in-One Dashboard

One place to claim tasks, talk to customers, and see all the relevant info you need to solve a request.

Powered by machine learning: in the Dashboard, you’ll have access to a suite of tools to guide you through going the extra mile on tasks.

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How does it work?

Customers send a quick text or voice message through the app with the task they would like us to complete. Then, you use the dashboard to claim it, and complete it as quickly and thoughtfully as possible.

What do people ask for?

From restaurant reservations, to scouring product reviews, to finding the perfect gifts – our customers ask it all!

A few examples include:

“Need to find something new to do this weekend! Are there any unique food events for 4 in NYC coming up?”

“Can you ask the liquor store next to my office if they have my favorite wine in stock?”

“I just moved & I need to replace my mattress. Can you find a highly reviewed, king size, memory foam option with a good warranty plan?”

What will I never have to do?

Here at Stuff ™, we have a “can do!” approach, but there are a few things that we can’t complete. For example:

  • Tasks that cannot be done virtually or over the phone: We can’t come pick you up from the airport or do your laundry, but we can help you find a service that can. 
  • Professional tasks that are beyond our scope: We cannot provide legal or tax advice, for example, or design your new landing page. But we’ll find someone who can, if you’d like that.
  • Things that might be considered unethical or illegal. We cannot help you hide that body!

Is there a set time commitment?

No. You choose what hours you work. From the middle of the night to noon on a Saturday, you decide when is best for you.

What do people say about Stuff?

  • Stuff makes those tedious and time consuming tasks just go away. I can’t go back to not having Stuff handling life’s nitty-gritty logistics.

    David Beisel
    Co-Founder & Partner, NextView Ventures
  • Stuff is truly one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. From research before a big purchase to planning the perfect camping getaway, no task too tedious.

    Dalia Katan
    Founder & CEO, Presently
  • It’s been a productive way to provide some extra support to folks who are otherwise burdened with long days at the office.

    Stas Gayshan
    Managing Partner, Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Stuff has provided a solution for me to solve problems that I simply don’t have time to tend to. The team has been more able and competent than I had imagined.

    Bozanka Vitanova
    CEO, TeamLift
  • Stuff allows me to reclaim my time to spend on things I enjoy. I believe Stuff contributes daily to my overall happiness and well-being.

    Samantha Berdinka
    Executive at Luxury Boston

Work from home

Earn $10/hr, for every hour you work. As much or as little as you’d like.